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Dual Enrollment

The parent, guardian, or legal custodian of a student receiving competent private instruction may also enroll the student in the District in accordance with state law and policy. The student shall be considered under dual enrollment. The parent, guardian or legal custodian requesting dual enrollment for the student should notify the Superintendent/designee no later than September 15 of the school year in which dual enrollment is sought on forms provided by the District. On the form, the parent, guardian or legal custodian will indicate the extracurricular and academic activities in which the student is interested in participating. The forms are available at the Educational Leadership & Support Center – Office of Teaching and Learning.

Consistent with legal requirements, a dual enrollment student is eligible to participate in the District’s extracurricular and academic activities in the same manner as other students enrolled in the District. The policies and administrative rules of the District will apply to the dual enrollment students in the same manner as the other students enrolled the District. These policies and administrative rules will include, but not be limited to, athletic eligibility requirements, the good conduct rule, academic eligibility requirements, and payment of applicable fees required for participation.

A dual enrollment student whose parent, guardian or legal custodian has chosen standardized testing as the form of the student’s annual assessment will not be responsible for the cost of the test or the administration of the test.

After the student notifies the District which activities in which they wish to participate, the District will provide information regarding the specific programs.

The applicable legal requirements for dual enrollment including, but not limited to those related to reporting and eligibility, shall be followed.

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