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Student Records

It is essential that certain information on individual students be maintained, both for educational purposes and for the overall welfare of the student. Student records are defined as all official records, files and data directly related to students, including all material that is incorporated into a student’s cumulative record folder. Student records containing personally identifiable information, except for directory information, are kept confidential at collection, storage, disclosure, and destruction stages. However, records should be constituted in such a way that persons legitimately interested in the student’s educational progress have a ready source of information. Student information should also be available for student accounting, curriculum matters, research, and state reporting purposes.

  • Approved: 02-25-80
  • Revised: 05-26-87
  • Reviewed: 02-12-90, 06-10-93, 07-15-96, 11-09-98
  • Revised: 11-13-00, 04-25-05, 11-12-12, 12-12-16
  • Reviewed: 04-26-2021
  • Documents: 606

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