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Wellness Fundraising Guidelines

It is the responsibility of each building to discontinue using unhealthy foods for fundraisers. Each building must ensure all snacks meet District Nutritional Guidelines for foods and beverages, including vending, a la carte, school stores, celebrations and fundraisers. This applies to all foods offered, made available or sold during the school day, defined as the period from midnight before, to 30 minutes after the end of the school day.
Each building shall determine a school-wide plan and do the following:

  • Include if/what healthy foods or non-food items/activities will be offered and how physical activity will be promoted.
  • Consider that foods/beverages used as rewards for students participating in fundraising activities must meet District Nutritional Guidelines.
  • The sale of competitive foods, including foods of minimal nutritional value, may not occur one-half hour prior to, during, or one-half hour after the meal shifts of food service programs unless permission has been granted by the Manager of Food and Nutrition Department. (Board Regulation 902.2)
  • This procedure will be communicated to parents/students/staff through student handbooks annually.


Cross Reference: 1004.1

  • Approved: 05-11-15
  • Reviewed: 03-09-2020, 10-23-2023
  • Documents: 610.1b

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