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It is the District’s policy that students with disabilities may not be impermissibly excluded from the classroom because of behaviors relating to their disabilities.  District employees are expected to engage in appropriate classroom management, behavior management, and de-escalation techniques to avoid impermissible exclusion of a student from class.  

Impermissible “exclusion” includes use of the following for behaviors:

  • Suspension or expulsion, other than as permitted by applicable law and District policy;
  • Requesting that the student’s parent/guardian take the student home before the end of the school day without issuing a suspension in accordance with District policy;
  • Requiring or allowing students to remain in a non-instructional space, such as an administrative office, for an unreasonable period of time without issuing a suspension in accordance with District policy.

All exclusions of a student with a disability because of a behavior incident must be documented in Infinite Campus within one (1) day of the exclusion.  This tracking system will be monitored by the Executive Director of Behavior Supports.

The school administrator/designee will notify the parent/guardian of any exclusion/suspension in writing in accordance with District policy. 

  • Approved: 10-26-2022
  • Documents: 614

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