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Community Use of Facilities – Chart of Rental Fees – Theatre Rentals

Requirements for Use:

  • If a request for theatre use is indicated in a facility request, prior approval from the School’s Theatre Director/designee will be required prior to theatre use.
  • When a building contract and approval to use a theatre facility has been issued, the Theatre Department will coordinate the scheduling of the appropriate staff to be on-site during the event to supervise the proper use.
  • Rehearsals in the auditoriums are 2/3 of the base facilities fee. See Regulation 805.6 for fee schedule.
  • Includes use of electrical outlets.
  • The following pieces of equipment are not to be used: Smoke machines/hazers; strobes; external powered/unpowered speakers; specialty equipment; anything not in the school’s inventory.
  • District props, chairs, costumes, make up, or other scenic materials are not available to rent.
  • One student or director is required to be at all events. This individual will be responsible for basic lighting, sound, rigging and other needs. Student hourly rates (2 hours minimum) will be assessed at the District established Student Hourly Rate. Director hourly rates (2 hours minimum) will be assessed at the District established hourly rate.
  • No direct payment to District staff by facilities contract holder is allowed, the District shall pay the employee(s) directly.
  • The designated community/school group person responsible for use of the Theatre must meet with the school’s Theatre Director/designee to discuss the use of the space and all equipment needs.
  • The community/school group is responsible for leaving the space in a clean and neat order.
  • The cost of replacing or repairing any equipment or supplies damaged/lost/removed from the building/theatre will be charged to the community/school group.

Listed below are the current facilities fees per hour for Community Use for Theatre Rentals.

General Wash $75.00
Color Media $9.00/sheet

  • Par cans cyc lights use 4 gels per sheet; PARnels and fresnels use 6 per sheet; ellipsoidals use 9-12 per sheet
Follow Spots $25.00/spot
Trained Operator 2 hours minimum charge – District established (Student District Rate) / hour
Additional Lighting Based upon hourly labor basis for the setup for director and students, plus $5.00/instrument
Rehearsal Lighting Will be provided
Additional Light Hangs 2 Hour minimum charge for 2 instruments
Board and One Microphone $75.00
Additional Channels – Wireless/Channel (handheld) $25.00 (subject to availability)
Additional Channels – Wired/mic $25.00 (subject to availability)
Soundboard $75.00
Trained Operator 2 hour minimum charge – District established  (Student District Rate) / hour
Body microphones Not available
Fly Rail Operations:
Trained Operator 2 hour minimum charge – District established  (Student District Rate) / hour
Additional Hanging / Request to Move 1 hour minimum charge – Completed by District Staff ONLY and labor charge (District established hourly rate) will be applicable
Single or dual projectors already in place
Additional projector needs
$75.00 – additional fee if set up is required

Cross Reference: Policy Section 805

  • Approved: 10-26-15 Approved: 10-26-15
  • Revised: 07-13-2020 Revised: 07-13-2020
  • Documents: 805.10

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