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Community Use of Facilities – Price Tier Determination

The Executive Director of Business Services/designee works cooperatively with District Leadership to determine the appropriate Price Tier. Fees may be reduced or waived on case by case basis when appropriate.

Price Tier Activities/Groups
Group 1: No Charge *
  • Regular classroom activities
  • District Sponsored activities (including school-related groups, feeder programs, PTA/PTO, Booster Club, CRCSD Foundation, etc.)
  • Other non-profit student-focused programs (as approved by District Leadership) where participants are all or substantially all, students of the District (e.g. Boys and Girl Scouts and Club Teams)
  • City/County/Town events and Political Caucus/Election not supporting a specific candidate
Group 2: Minimal Charge *
  • Cedar Rapids community recreational programs for students (YMCA, CR Parks, AYSO, Club Teams, etc.)
  • Community Recreational programs for adults (Basketball Leagues, Iron-Man competitions, etc.)
  • Tax-supported educational institutions conducting educational or recreational programs (Kirkwood, UNI, etc.)
  • Governmental agencies (IPERS, DE, etc.)
Group 3: Full Charge *
  • Church organizations
  • Non-public schools (includes Charter Schools, etc.)
  • Political events supporting a specific candidate
  • Community fundraising functions (American Red Cross, Heart Association, etc.)
  • Profit motivated activities (including employee private entrepreneurs)

* Additional charges may be assessed for other operational costs including staff overtime if required.


Cross Reference:

Regulation 805.6
Regulation 1004.1

  • Approved: 04-24-78
  • Revised: 12-12-83, 09-14-87
  • Reviewed: 07-10-89
  • Revised: 08-14-89, 10-26-92
  • Reviewed: 01-13-97
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  • Documents: 805.5

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