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Community Use of Facilities – School Kitchen – Guidelines

In order to protect the equipment and supplies and maintain the safety and wholesomeness of food/supplies stored in the kitchens and storerooms, school kitchen facilities may not be used for anything other than preparing and serving school meals without prior approval from the Food and Nutrition Department. The kitchen facilities located in each Cedar Rapids School building are licensed by the Linn County Health Department to be operated by Food and Nutrition Department staff. The kitchens contain food products along with kitchen utensils and commercial food service equipment used by Food and Nutrition employees for cooking, storing and holding food served to students and staff. The equipment and supplies are the property of the Food and Nutrition Department and must be properly operated and maintained so they are always available and functioning.

Requirements for Use:

  • If a request for kitchen use is indicated in a facility request, prior approval from the Manager of Food and Nutrition/designee will be required prior to kitchen use.
  • When a building contract and approval to use a kitchen facility has been issued, The Food and Nutrition Department will coordinate the scheduling of the appropriate staff to be on-site during the event to supervise the proper use and cleaning of the facility.
  • Groups using a kitchen facility are responsible for the total cost of all food, disposable paper products (plastic ware, plates, napkins etc), and any labor charges associated with the use of the school kitchen.
  • The labor charged by the Food and Nutrition Department for the use of a school kitchen is based on the Employee Work Agreement. Request for projected labor costs will be provided to the group based on information provided to the Food and Nutrition Department/Kitchen Manager at the time of request. Final billing will reflect the actual time worked and submitted by the assigned staff.
  • A Food and Nutrition employee must always be on duty during the use of kitchen facilities under the following:
    • Examples when a Food and Nutrition Employee must be on duty:
      • When any commercial equipment is used
      • Need access to refrigerators, freezers, and/or storerooms
      • Need use of serving line hot/cold units, ovens, dishwasher, garbage disposal, stove, warming units, or other electrical/mechanical appliances.
    • Examples when a Food and Nutrition Employee need not be on duty:
      • If the group plans to use only counters and sinks outside of the kitchen
      • Need access to water
      • Need access to electrical outlets
  • Two Food and Nutrition employees will be scheduled for every ten people working in the kitchen.
  • Food and Nutrition employees are not allowed to volunteer their time in the kitchen.
  • No direct payment to District staff by facilities contract holder is allowed, the District shall pay the employee(s) directly.
  • The designated community/school group person responsible for the use of the kitchen must meet with the Food and Nutrition Manager/designee to discuss the use of equipment and kitchen utensils and the need for designated storage space. Storing food products in a refrigerator and/or freezer must be approved by the Food and Nutrition Manager/designee and meet Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Health Department guidelines.
  • The group is responsible for leaving the kitchen completely clean and in order.
  • The cost of replacing or repairing any equipment or supplies damaged or removed from the kitchen facility or lost due to unit being unplugged during an event will be charged back to the community/school group.
  • For safety reasons, elementary children are not allowed in the kitchen.

  • Approved: 04-28-08
  • Revised: 05-12-14, 07-13-2020
  • Documents: 805.9

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