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Cedar Rapids Community School District is committed to creating a supportive learning environment that promotes health, safety, and well-being. In partnership with parents, schools play a critical role in helping students establish lifelong patterns of healthy behavior and setting them up for greater success in school and in life.

The district wellness committee focuses on creating environments where healthy choices are easier. CRCSD, building, and community representatives make up the district wellness committee, which helps support schools in improving staff and students well-being.

The district wellness commitments show what students, staff and family members can expect to see happening in their building to promote wellness. For more details on wellness commitments please refer to regulation 610.1, 610.1a and 610.1b under the wellness policy.

District Wellness Commitments

  • Provide age appropriate health, wellness and nutrition education
  • Ensure physical activity is not used for or withheld as punishment
  • Provide multiple opportunities for physical activity to meet or exceed the National Physical Education Standards
  • Require that students are physically active during the majority of time in physical education class
  • Provide a healthy eating environment that encourages competent eating
  • Discontinue using food/food coupons as rewards or incentives
  • Ensure all foods, beverages and food/beverage marketing (including snacks and fundraisers) available from midnight to 30 minutes after the end of the school day meet Smart Snack Guidelines
  • Foods brought to school to be shared, must meet Smart Snack Guidelines and be prepackaged and prepared by a vendor, with the exception of whole fruits and vegetables
  • Foods that compete with federal meal programs (offered 30 minutes prior, during, 30 minutes after scheduled meal services) are not allowed without prior approval

Wellness policy

Compliance with the school wellness policy is monitored by the District Wellness Committee. The district wellness policy is reviewed annually and updated every three years. The Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment is located in the wellness resource section below.

In addition, each building completes a self-assessment of wellness policy implementation annually. Find the results of the School Wellness Policy Progress Report here. 


Key contacts

Jennifer Hook

Food and Nutrition Manager