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school bus with stop arm out

Cedar Rapids Community School District takes school bus safety seriously. Not only are staff and students trained on how to ride and be around buses safely, but CRCSD also actively pursues bus stop arm violations.

We encourage you to review the following information with your student before they begin riding a school bus.

Bus evacuations

To prepare for the unexpected, all CRCSD students practice school bus evacuation procedures twice annually.

Danger zones

Motorists should take precautions when near school buses, and be aware of various “zones:”

  • Danger zone: Motorists should not be within a 10-foot radius of a school bus at any time
  • Stop zone: When a bus is flashing its red lights and has its stop-arm lowered, motorists must stop—up to 25 feet from the bus is preferred

In general, when you see a school bus, please slow down and maintain your distance. When a bus is flashing its yellow lights, please slow down even more.

Seatbelts on buses

Per Iowa law, all new buses must have seat belts installed. If a CRCSD bus has seatbelts, students and passengers are required to use them.

Stop-arm violations

When a stopped school bus is flashing its red lights and the stop-arm is displayed, all motorists must stop, per Iowa law. CRCSD monitors for safety violations, and reports violations to the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Learn more about required stopping for school buses.

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Scott Wing

Transportation Manager