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66Nations represented by students
A school bus dropping kids off.

Students who ride the bus have certain expectations they must follow. We recommend that you read the following bus expectations with your student.


Students must show respect to others on the bus.

  • Follow driver and attendant directions
  • Mind your voice volume
  • Keep items in your school bag or to yourself


Students must be safe while on and around the bus.

  • Keep your hands, feet, and belongings to yourself
  • Stay seated and out of the aisle
  • Wait for the vehicle to stop before getting on or off


Students must be kind to others while on the bus.

  • Use appropriate language
  • Share your seat with other students
  • Use your manners

Team player

Students must be a team player while on the bus.

  • Pick up after yourself
  • Help each other out
  • Be on time to be picked up by the bus


Students must be patient while on the bus.

  • Wait until the bus stops to move
  • Stay in single file when entering and exiting the bus
  • Sometimes delays happen: practice being patient!

Key contact

Scott Wing

Transportation Manager