CRCSD classes will dismiss 1 hour earlier than the normal early dismissal schedule Friday, March 31st due to the forecasted weather conditions. Elementary students will dismiss at 1:20; middle school will dismiss at 12:20, and high school will dismiss at 12:20.
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Per Iowa law, It is the intent of Iowa Code section 282.12 to maximize parental choice in providing a wide range of educational opportunities that are not available for students in the district of residence. Open enrollment is the procedure allowing a parent/guardian to enroll a child in a public school district other than the district of residence at no tuition cost.

Parents/guardians making use of the open enrollment option to request enrollment of their children in another public school district in the State of Iowa must submit an Open Enrollment Application to both the requested district and resident district for approval.

Transportation shall NOT be provided to students who enter the District under the Open Enrollment Law of 1989 as amended, unless such transportation is required by law.

The District has the right to assign an open enrolled student to a particular school. Parents should be aware that open enrollment may result in the loss of high school athletic eligibility.

Completed applications may be submitted electronically to

If your open enrollment application is approved, you must also complete the CRCSD registration process.

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Tammy Decker

Office of Teaching and Learning Department Coordinator