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70+Languages spoken in our schools
Students listing to a presentation sitting in desks.

Per Iowa law, students who live outside of Cedar Rapids Community School District may enroll in CRCSD through the open enrollment process. A completed application must be sent to CRCSD and the resident school district by March 1 of the year preceding the school year for which open enrollment is desired for students entering grades 1 through 12. The deadline for kindergarten students is September 1. If a parent/guardian misses the open enrollment deadline, an application for open enrollment may be granted at any time with approval of the resident and receiving districts. An application is required for each individual child in a family.

Completed applications may be submitted electronically to

If your open enrollment application is approved, you must also complete the CRCSD registration process.

Key contacts

John Rice

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Tammy Decker

Office of Teaching and Learning Department Coordinator